Many of today's martial art schools are an extreme.  It's easy to find either a local gym teaching people to be "killing machines" or a "buy-a-belt" watered-down version of a traditional martial arts academy.  We are neither.

Cho's Tae Kwon Do classes are conducted in a respectful setting, emphasizing self-improvement through discipline, focus and a strong work ethic.  We provide a family-like environment that is encouraging and supportive of everyone being at their best.

We incorporate the best of modern training principles as keeping an open mind and attitude is part of our tradition.  Training can be intense and challenging, however beginners are comfortably offered the opportunity to start slow and grow into a full pace.  Great for men and women of all ages!

Class content varies from week to week in order to keep training fresh and interesting.  There's a lot of material to cover so to make learning efficient, content is sequenced and organized.

Everyone can train.  Our team includes high school students, working professionals, competitive TKD athletes, MMA athletes, the serious devotee and the hobbyist.  Training is for everyone!

Our curriculum blends the traditional with the practical. 

Trial classes are free, preferably by appointment and typically scheduled for Thursdays.  Contact us for more info.

Hyung pay tribute to the great thinkers, role models and events of our past.

Hyung pay tribute to the great thinkers, role models and events of our past.

Tuesdays = Root
Tuesdays are typically taught by Jacob Cho.  Hyung and Fundamentals are unaltered and practiced in their traditional way.  These provide us with a connection to the roots and lineage of our art, and are essential to the discipline of our practice.  We primarily focus on the Chon Ji set of Hyung but also include the Tae Geuk and Pal Gue Poomsae series.  Hyung develop explosive power, balance, coordination, technique, breath control and focus.

Pad Work - Back Turning Kick

Pad Work - Back Turning Kick

Thursdays & Fridays = Sparring Development
Thursdays are typically taught by Jacob Cho.  Every other Fridays (alternating with jiu jitsu) are taught by Erik Van Der Lee.  Sparring and Self-Defense are dynamic and these subjects continue to evolve.  We must remain open to thrive.  Our Sparring is a hybrid of Traditional and Sport TKD, and includes strong influences from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate and American Kickboxing.  We cover technique, footwork, strategy, concepts, pad work, partner drilling, attribute development, conditioning, and (optional) sparring.

Saturdays = Open Training Sessions
The academy is open for members and visitors to train on their own: shadow training, bag work, partner work, hyung, sparring, etc.  Sessions are coordinated with existing members.  If you are a visitor wanting to participate, please contact the academy ahead of time.

Some of the team after training

Some of the team after training

We offer competition coaching. 
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Contact us if interested in becoming a teacher/coach.

Private training requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

"The martial arts are not a store bought item that you are entitled to merely because you pay for the lessons.  The burden is too great, and the reflection larger than the individual."

Grandmaster Hee Il Cho