The Infinite

The infinity symbol is connected, flowing and timeless.  It represents the infinite within us all.  Yoga and the martial arts are ancient disciplines that provide a vehicle for self-discovery and self-mastery.  Our icon represents a continuing path of progression and growth.  There are no ends to the infinity symbol, reminding us to appreciate the journey.  The connecting loops represent a harmony of the body, mind and spirit;  furthermore, our connection to each other.  The icon transitions from a white to black belt and back again, representing the forever student.  The flowing nature of our icon is symbolic and a reminder that martial arts, yoga and life all flow.

Our icon's first application to logos for each of the programs.

all four icons.jpg

The All Program logo evolved into the below... we included our hometown and established date.  We also included "aloha" and "ohana" to represent our extended family, love, compassion, and a genuine desire to share good vibes.

We are fans of the "old school" and so we created this variation as a throwback to the good ol' days.  There will be a limited release of academy Old School pocket tees and other gear... coming late spring / early summer of 2017.  Keep your eyes on our Store for new releases.

Feeling stoked to live and train in our little beach town.... working on some tank tops and other goods to represent the vibe and to help everyone stay cool this summer.  Keep your eyes on our Store for new releases.