FCF - fightcamp fit



Fightcamp Fit is a unique, fun and effective fitness bootcamp modeled after a pro fighter's training regimen. Train like a fighter and forge the body of a fighter!

Who is it for:

FCF camps are scalable and appropriate for all fitness levels. There's no need to be intimidated. FCF is fun, challenging and delivers results. Perfect for women and men of all ages. No experience, no problem. You're in good hands as FCF was developed and is run by expert martial artists, pro fighters, personal trainers and certified yoga instructors. With classes lasting only 45-minutes, even the busiest of the busy can find time to get it done!

What you get:

  • 6-Week Transformative Bootcamp with Classes 3x per Week
  • Strength & Conditioning via Kettlebells + Bodyweight Exercises
  • Technique & Cardio via Kickboxing + Bodyweight Circuit Training
  • Flexibility, Focus & Recovery via Power + Restorative Yoga
  • Pre-Camp Functional Movement Screening & Assessment
  • Pre-Camp Individual Goals Discussion & Assessment
  • Email Access to All Instructors for Individual Guidance & Advice During Camp
  • Discounts for Private Training and Ongoing Group Classes
  • Attendance Challenge: Attend all 18 Classes and Win a 10% Credit Towards Your Next Camp!

Spring Session: 4/23 - 6/01 [SOLD OUT!!]

  • Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 6:15am (45 min)
  • $225 (Add $75 for One-Hour Private Massage at End of Session)
  • Limited Space - Reserve Your Spot Now!
  • Only Two Spots Remaining as of 4/23

What to Expect:

  • Each camp is designed to deliver maximum results, addressing motivational factors, weight management, flexibility, strength & cardio development, and specific recovery techniques for the mind and body.
  • Each week the challenge progresses, steadily intensifying, maximizing each individual's gains.
  • Each class is connected and focused on the big picture, but also includes unique methods that keep training fresh and exciting.
  • Bottom line, you can expect to be challenged, have fun and experience results!

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Our three-way method


MONDAYS: KETTLEBELLS + Bodyweight exercise

With NFL, pro fighter and other elite strength coaches utilizing this effective tool, it's no surprise that use of the kettlebell has become a popular go-to for fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. Even the U.S. Secret Service has used the kettlebell as part of their selection process.

Your instructor for Mondays, Brian Olson has studied, practiced and taught how to safely and effectively use the kettlebell for many years. He combines the kettlebell with unique bodyweight exercises to produce uncompromised results.

Brian is a natural born motivator and has close to 20 years of experience teaching thousands of martial artists and athletes; including three straight H.S. State Titles and one NCAA National Championship.



There are very few endeavors that will require more stamina and cardio than that of a competitive professional fight. Kickboxing is a full-body workout that will trim the body and build your cardio to peak levels. This is a fitness conditioning camp, and although you will have the opportunity to learn proper technique, there is no sparring.

Learn technique and methods from a professional. Your instructor for Wednesdays, Erik Van Der Lee is just that, a pro who has trained with some of the best in the world. He has developed a circuit that will teach you how to kick and punch like a champ while burning calories and blasting your cardio.

Erik brings a lot of positive motivating energy to his classes and works hard to bring out the best of everyone.


FRIDAYS: power + restorative yoga

Research confirms that practicing yoga, at any level, offers evidence-based results! Some benefits as revealed by Harvard Medical School's health publishing include: increased levels of strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination; reduced levels of stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain; improved sleep quality, mood and energy levels.

Why wouldn't we include Yoga... a perfect way to finish the week and be ready for the weekend!

Your teacher for Fridays, Tiffanie Bederman has practiced for over 15 years and has taught for roughly 4 of those years (Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Iyengar).

She received her 200-hour teacher training from Yoga Vida, NYC and is passionate about teaching Yoga.

Are you ready to jump-start your fitness transformation? Are you looking for something new, fun and challenging to add to your already existing routine? Are you interested in trying something without a long-term commitment? Are you ready to be fit, strong and flexible? Register now!

Spring Session: 4/23 - 6/01 [SOLD OUT!!]

  • Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 6:15am (45 min)
  • $225 (Add $75 for One-Hour Private Massage at End of Session)
  • Limited Space - Reserve Your Spot Now!
  • Only Two Spots Remaining as of 4/23