All our youth programs fill up fast so scheduling ahead is highly recommended. Getting started is easy. Your child's trial class is always free. Contact us for details and scheduling.

Our Youth Jiujitsu classes are taught by Jiujitsu Black Belt, Jason Bukich, and Jiujitsu purple belts, Rich Nguyen and Jacob Cho.

Our youth programs are all age-specific and built upon decades of collective experience; Jacob Cho, co-founder and owner of Cho’s Academy, and his father, Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. Both are lifetime martial artists.

We’re committed to providing our youth students with the tools and abilities to defend themselves, thrive and succeed through childhood development, and to grow into strong, happy and conscientious young men and women.

Youth jiu jitsu

SCHEDULE:  Mondays (Gi) & Wednesdays (NoGi) at 510pm -and- Saturdays (NoGi) at 12noon

Our Youth Jiu Jitsu Program offers a healthy balance of character development, physical education and skills training. The bar is set high as we believe in cultivating confidence and maximizing individual potential. Self-defense is a core component but we believe in and always encourage a non-violent resolution to conflict when possible. 

Our Youth Jiujitsu classes are taught by 3rd Degree Jiujitsu Black Belt, Jason Bukich, and Jiujitsu purple belts, Rich Nguyen and Jacob Cho.  

Children have fun, but at the same time are challenged to work hard, persevere and ultimately achieve goals. Self-respect and self-confidence come from the truth of consistent earnest efforts, and the skills that are acquired as a result of those efforts.

Our classes offer a structured, positive and healthy environment that help kids get a strong start on life. Children begin to develop habits everyday. Let us help yours to develop the right ones.


Jiu Jitsu (Jujutsu) literally translates as the gentle art and focuses largely on grappling and ground fighting (wrestling). Jiu Jitsu utilizes leverage and technique to control position and apply submissions. It's modern day roots can be traced back to early Judo from Japan. The art was significantly transformed in Brazil, and somewhat redefined by the Gracie family in the early 1900s. Jiu Jitsu is an effective and practical method of self-defense. 

Our Youth Jiu Jitsu curriculum also includes Bully Defense and some rudimentary striking. Character development is a core component of our system. Contact us to learn more.


INTEGRITY -- we consistently reinforce the necessity and value of recognizing and honoring what is right

RESPECT -- all of what we do is done with respect; self-respect, respect for others and respect for nature

SELF-DISCIPLINE -- we teach children to manage their conduct and make wise choices

SELF-CONFIDENCE -- we use challenge and positive reinforcement to build self-confidence

FOCUS & CONCENTRATION -- we use drills to develop focus, concentration levels and listening skills

MODESTY -- we provide an environment that encourages actions rather than words

GOOD MANNERS -- we emphasize the importance of understanding and using good behavior

HARD WORK & DETERMINATION -- we teach children the high value of hard work and to be committed

PERSEVERANCE & NON-QUITTING SPIRIT -- we reinforce never giving up when it is for the highest good

RESPONSIBILITY -- we hold children responsible for their actions and teach to learn from mistakes

GOAL-SETTING -- we use several methods to develop and reinforce the practice of setting goals

LEADERSHIP SKILLS -- we develop leaders by giving them leadership roles and mentoring this process

FITNESS -- we communicate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and respecting the body

ACADEMICS -- the aforementioned will collectively cultivate higher academic success

SELF-DEFENSE -- we teach practical self-defense and enforce repetition so the skills are ingrained

PHYSICAL BENEFITS -- increased strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, speed, endurance, motor-skill function, body awareness, breath control, weight management & overall physical fitness

A COMPETITIVE OUTLET -- The marital arts offer many organized competition types for almost all ages and skill levels (beginner to Olympians)

COMPLEMENTARY TO SPORTS -- The martial arts will complement and enhance performance of all other sports

SCHEDULE:  Mondays (Gi) & Wednesdays (NoGi) at 510pm -and- Saturdays (NoGi) at 12noon


Trial classes are by appointment only.