Our teachers maintain their own deep consistent personal practices and are in service to share and guide.  We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we do.



Pratita Anandita

Teaches Vinyasa // Wed & Fri // 915am-1030am
Soon to be offering a Yin (gentle/restorative) class
Please inquire if interested

I Gusti Pratita has been practicing since she was 16 and has a diverse mix of experience, including teaching at the Ko Chang Buddhist Center and Samui Prisons in Thailand.  She received her 200hr Ashtanga Teacher Training with Trupteesh Nagaraj H, Samyak Yoga France, Bali (including prenatal and yoga for back pain). 

Pratita believes that yoga brings us all to the real nature of ourselves, which is to be healthy, kind and accepting.  She expresses deep gratitude for her teachers who have all inspired her to share this practice: "my life teacher: my mother, a long dedicated practitioner of Iyengar yoga who introduced and taught me that yoga is not only asana but a way of life, all my teachers at the Bihar School of yoga and Sanna Kokonen for her guidance in my Ashtanga vinyasa practice."  She goes on to say, "My yoga practice can be easily applied to life and I want to share this in my class.  The practice should align our heart, mind and actions."


Cher Mang

Teaches Kundalini // Tue & Thu // 915-1030am
Guides Our Monthly Full Moon Gong Meditation

Cher is a practitioner of the Healing Arts, a KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga, as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, and a Reiki Master Teacher.  She has practiced yoga for over 20 years and several years ago she became acquainted with the ancient instrument, the Gong.  Ever since, she has shared the gift of love of her gong in live meditations and baths throughout Orange County.  Cher also spent 37 years working in the health field as a registered nurse, which has given her extensive experience in helping and healing her patients, as well as a deep sense of compassion and connection to the human spirit.  Her desire now is to help others connect with the Divine being that they truly are so that they may live their life in truth, light and love.

She uses those gifts now as she weaves the tapestry of dance between the human mind, body & soul through her work in teaching and helping others awaken to their higher consciousness, encouraging the natural process of growth and increased awareness.  It is through this elevated awareness that one can tap into the Divinity that exists within, bringing about beneficial lifestyle changes that encourage the natural flow of energy.

Cher accomplishes this through her passion to serve the universe as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, sharing the vibrations of the sacred Gong, and working with the healing energies of Reiki.  Her other services include spirit readings, chakra balancing and house blessings.  She also carries within her a feeling of deep concert with Mother Earth.

Cher is dedicated in her work and connection to spirit, thereby bringing peace and healing to her clients, their families and the entire planet.

Learn more about Cher Mang by visiting her Website.


Lynn Barclay

Lynn's Classes are on Hold - You are Welcome to Contact Us for Details

Lynn Barclay of LBYT Yoga Therapy, is a personal trainer using techniques from yoga, fitness and movement therapies.  She specializes in training that helps individuals who are living with pain, a health condition, stress, and with seniors.

Lynn has been studying yoga for over 18 years and used it to heal from her own experience with back surgery. Her work encompasses yoga philosophy, asana, breathing, and meditation combined with movement therapy, Pilates, classical dance, and fitness training. 

She is specially trained in functional movement, bio-mechanical retraining, neuro-muscular and skeletal alignment, and strengthening/healing the whole body and mind.

Her philosophy embraces that it’s never too late to start the healing process and vitality follows.

Substitute Teachers

We work with a variety of amazing substitute teachers.  Although our regularly scheduled teachers do a fatnastic job of maintaining their classes, there's occasionally a need for someone to step in and assist.  We always do our best to make sure you're in great care!

Private Sessions

Private yoga classes are an excellent an effective means for addressing specifics and can be arranged with all of our teachers by appointment.  Sessions can be scheduled at the academy, the privacy of your own home or specially designated locations.