Coach Luke Adams Adds Another Pro MMA Win To His Record


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"Coach Luke Adams Adds Another Pro MMA Win To His Record"


Cho's Academy jiu jitsu coach, Luke Adams added another win to his professional mixed martial arts record on Saturday, January 18th. 

Luke weighed in at 155lbs and was definitely outsized by his competitor, Ed Darby.  As the fight starts, Luke quickly closes the distance and controls the center of the cage.  A quick exchange leads to Luke clenching and securing a body lock, which enables him to trip a leg and land on top.  Luke maintains top position but a scramble ensues and both fighters end up on their feet.  A few punches are thrown.  Luke maintains composure and is disciplined about keeping his hands up.  Once the distance is closed Luke clenches, locks the body and moves towards Darby's back.  Again, a leg trip and Luke is on top.  This time he secures the mount position and begins dropping punches and hammer fists.  Darby does an ok job of fending off the first swarm, but ultimately Luke's fists find Darby's face.  Darby taps and Luke signals to the ref who misses it.  The ref stops the fight and it is ruled a TKO at about a minute and a half into the first round. 

We are all proud of and happy for coach Luke Adams!  Luke put on a great fight and held himself in a respectable manner, from bowing into the cage, addressing the ref as 'sir', to signaling the ref instead of dishing out unneccessary damage to his opponent. 

Luke Adams fights out of Joker's MMA and teaches a boxing class there most Wednesday nights.  He is also a jiu jitsu purple belt under Marcel Louzado, and can be found teaching at our academy every Monday.

Jacob Cho


*This event was featured in the 2016 documentary, The Hurt Business.