Happy new year everyone! We will be adding classes and changing a few things on our schedule that will take effect at the beginning of February. All classes are on as detailed here until we post otherwise. Keep checking back for the latest. Thank you!



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New Weekly Classes Being Added For February 2019 - Check Back Soon.

Chakra Workshop with Cher Mang, February 23rd 1pm-5:30pm

Full Moon Gong Meditation Dates
Saturdays // 9 - 10:30am // $15 Drop-In
1/12, 2/16, 4/20, 5/18, 7/13, 8/17, 10/12, 11/9

Dual Gong Evening Equinox & Solstice Meditation
Saturdays // 7 - 9pm // $22 Drop-In
3/16, 6/22, 9/14, 12/14

To learn more about our Gong Meditation please click here


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TKD Testing (Sundays):
February 10th (+5wks) – tentative only
March 31st (+6-11wks minus ski week)
June 9th *special 10-yr anniversary test (+10wks)
July 21st (+6wks) 
September 29th -or- October 6th (+9-10wks minus summer break)
November 17th (+6-7wks) – tentative (potential oahu trip)

*Test dates are planned in coordination with holidays, LB school district and other academy event dates.

Feb – Potential Ski Week Event, None This Year
Mar – Youth Outreach Initiative, TBA
May – Board Breaking Pizza Party & Fundraiser, TBA
July – Summer Sports Camp, July 29th thru August 2nd  
Nov – Annual Youth Awards Ceremony & Banquet, Nov 3rd
Nov – AIMAA International Test – Oahu, Hawaii, Nov 17th
Dec – Secret Santa Movie & Pizza Night, Dec 6th -or- 13th depends on LB hospitality night

TKD Youth Tournaments:
Jan – 1/19 & 1/20 Tustin Sparring Camp (WTF) – This is a sparring seminar with highly active coaches
Feb – 2/2, Yushen Lai Invitational (WTF)
May – 5/18, International TKD Festival (WTF) ***Six Saturday Practices: 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11
Sep – TBA, Jimmy Kim Invitational (WTF) 
Oct – TBA, KS Choi CA Open (WTF) ***Five Saturday Practices will Begin in Mid to Late September

***Asterisks and italicizing indicates youth team official events

Kickboxing & BJJ Tournaments Announced via Email and Facebook Group

Open Family Viewing Weeks:
Jan – 7th thru 11th
Feb – 4th thru 8th
Mar – 4th thru 8th
Apr – 15th thru 19th
May – 6th thru 10th
Jun – 3rd thru 7th
Jul – 1st thru 5th
Aug – 5th thru 9th
Sep – 9th thru 13th
Oct – 7th thru 11th
Nov – 4th thru 8th
Dec – 2nd thru 6th

Standard Closures:
Feb Laguna Beach Ski Week, 2/18 thru 2/22
May Memorial Day Weekend, 5/27
August Summer Break, 8/5 thru 8/9
Sept Labor Day Weekend, 9/2
Nov Thanksgiving Weekend, 11/27 thru 11/29
Winter: 12/19 thru 1/5– reopen on the 6th
All Mondays following TKD Tests (Only applies to classes taught by Mr.Cho) 

Subject to Change Without Notice - Last Updated 1/5/2019

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