Cho's Academy ~ Our Second Tournament, One Small Step


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"Cho's Academy ~ Our Second Tournament, One Small Step"


Hello all.  When looking forward, as I typically do when planning anything and everything for the academy, I see the current day as history in the making.

Yesterday we participated in the 3rd Orange County Open Martial Arts Tournament.  I am proud of all the students we had that participated and came out to support.  There were wins and losses by tally of points, but I know that all who took part achieved a great win; for in the bigger picture of life, stepping up is the hardest part... it is the part that offers the chance and opportunity for unique growth, accomplishment and true perspective.

We are not a school solely focused on competition and will never be.  As a teacher I believe that promoting traditional values and life skills are higher on the priority list.  Competition is one tool that is part of a bigger picture.  It's a tool that helps to develop physical skills.  It's a tool to help develop sportsmanship, emotional strength, a fighting spirit and more.  It's a tool that is a process, which for kids particularly, must be managed carefully.  It is a component that offers students an opportunity to learn from a much larger pool than the dojang.  Competition can be very useful as part of a young person's training.  Competition as a primary focus, can turn a balanced objective into one that is unbalanced.

Again, I am very proud of the students who participated and supported yesterday... and of course all those training day-in and day-out at the dojang.  I am very thankful for the supportive families within our community.  I am thankful for the opportunity to teach, and take it very seriously, as I understand that the opportunity comes with great responsibility.  For me personally, it's not easy running a business, developing thoughtful programs and teaching at 100% daily, but I know this is where my hard lessons from the martial arts kick in--for each of you, your lessons will help you in your own unique way.  My father put it best, "You're a champion for one day.  You're a martial artist for a lifetime."  I am thankful for Tae Kwon Do.

Jacob Cho