1st Annual TKD Youth Awards Ceremony & Banquet


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"1st Annual TKD Youth Awards Ceremony & Banquet"


Friday, November 18th marks the evening of a great milestone for our academy.  We proudly hosted our 1st Annual TKD Youth Awards Ceremony and Banquet.  With close to 70 in attendance, great times were had by all. 

For memory's sake I feel it's important to keep some record of the event, where all those in attendance may refer to in the future.  As our youth students become young men and women, it will be great for them to have access to these memories. 

"Dear Jacob,
What a perfect evening, thank you so much.  I cannot imagine the countless hours involved for it to be so wonderful and come off so flawlessly, but we really appreciate it... We all really felt a part of a strong and special community last night.  Thank you for providing this at such a high caliber, we are very fortunate. Warmly, Anne"
 – Anne Shea

Speech Transcript:

Hello everyone.  Thank you all for coming out to celebrate your child’s efforts and achievements.  It is humbling to have each of you here as supporters.

I have many goals for the academy.  Ultimately they all support a broad stroke designed to have a hugely positive impact on our community; from which, our community may reach onwards and upwards.

I’ll share with you a few goals that are particularly big-picture drivers for me:

One, to pass on the art form of Cho’s traditional Tae Kwon Do, which would become extinct if not for the unique teacher-student relationship.  Kids, you are the future – the future of martial arts.

Two, to be synonymous within our community as an institution found at the core of producing: strong, courageous, confident, hard-working, respectful, empowered, visionary, and happy young men and women.

Three, to produce at least one world champion martial artist.

Kids, remember that you can achieve anything you want.  Some goals might be easy to accomplish, others may take a lifetime of pursuit.  I believe in all of you equally.  Remember to always believe in yourselves.

Choosing this year’s winners was a tough task (the students are all winners in my book). 

Kids, remember that receiving an award does not make you better than the person next to you.  It simply recognizes your achievements over this past year.  Receive your award, be happy, be proud, but also be humble and respectful to others.  To those who didn't win this year, remember that you can achieve just the same as anyone else if you continue to put the time in.

Tonight is really about all of the kids so lets give them a giant round of applause.

The Award Winners (9/2010 – 9/2011):

  • Shane Lawson, Cho’s Academy Most Improved
    Prize: horsepower pack: 400-page muscle car book & 3 tix to auto museum

  • Vincent Ewing, Cho’s Academy Strength to Persevere
    Prize: Guillow’s scale flying Cessna model w/ complete building kit

  • Tatiana Moore, Cho’s Academy One With Fortitude
    Prize: 3 drum lessons with Frank Cotinola, renowned drummer

  • Lucas Jablon, Cho’s Academy Precision of Power
    Prize: skate & surf DVD pack: Endless Summer, Sept Sessions & T Hawk Tutorial

  • Brayden Jenson, Cho’s Academy Fighter of the Year
    Prize: half-day fishing trip/less with OC Flyfishing

  • Joe Laptin, Cho’s Academy Aims to Achieve Winner
    Prize: book + certificate for Kindle

  • Dolce Sara, Cho’s Academy Class Valedictorian
    Prize: actual Kindle Touch 3g