Cho's Academy Welcomes 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt, Marcel Louzado

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"Cho's Academy Welcomes 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt, Marcel Louzado"


Multi-time world Brazilian JiuJitsu champion and Checkmat 3rd degree black belt, Marcel Louzado joins our team.  

Marcel is a top representative of the Checkmat team and has credited much of his success on the mat to his unique blend of BJJ, Judo and wrestling; a powerful and effective blend of throws, takedowns, sweeps and submissions.


Some of Marcel's competition accomplishments include: 

> World Nogi Silver Medallist (2009)
> World Nogi Champion (2007)
> NAGA Champion (2007)
> World Silver Medallist (2003)
> World Champion (2001 brown)
> 2x Pan American Champion (2001 brown – absolute)
> 2x Brazilian Champion (2001, 2002 brown – absolute)
> 3x Sao Paulo State Champion (2002, 2001, 2000)
> Former Judo Brazilian Champion

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