Thank You


This month we're donating close to 1k, most of which will go to a local who's fighting cancer and unable to afford medical care (even with insurance). A small portion will also go to Chhahari, an organization based in Kathmandu dedicated to rescuing children from poverty, malnutrition, drug addiction, sex trade and murder for organs.

A third of all gross proceeds generated from our yoga program goes directly to charity every month. I and some of our teachers are also donating over half of our shares. We are so grateful!

How it works... you enjoy a yoga class, donate what's an affordable and fair contribution, and at least a third of that will go right back into the world to help those in need.

Everyone who is a member and supports the academy in any way makes all of this possible.... If you've taken a class, taught a class, referred a friend, helped clean, written a testimonial, carpooled a kid, whatever it is.... THANK YOU!

Please continue to support our mission.